Continuous Review with Each Release

By testing early in the development process, development teams can close security gaps before they reach your customer. This increases the quality of the software and reduces costs.

DevSecOps Capable Solution Approach

Integration of IT security through event- or time-based security checks in the lifecycle of the application. We guarantee a constantly high level of security through a modern DevSecOps solution.

Security Development Lifecycle

Easy integration and authentication of platform software into the development environment, such as GitHub. Connectivity increases the efficiency and agility of security processes and promotes usability for developers.

Comprehensive Solutions for your Application Security

With our comprehensive and intuitive platform, you can now map the entire IT security process of your applications.
Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning ensures that applications are tested for vulnerabilities in a regulated cycle. Our methodology allows direct integration into the agile development process and thus enables a high continuous security level.

On-Demand Penetration Testing

Application penetration testing is scaled as needed to meet the more complex requirements. For a sophisticated application, a quick and automated penetration test can be performed to identify vulnerabilities in the business logic of your application.

Vuln. Management & Reporting

VulnSign can classify, prioritize and identify all vulnerabilities related to application security. All findings are presented graphically for better insight. A management summary, vulnerability details and remediation steps can be exported in PDF and machine format.