Get more security with less manual effort

VulnSign can scan any type of web application, regardless of the technology it was built with. It uses a Chrome based crawling engine and can identify vulnerabilities in legacy, and custom built, modern HTML5, Web 2.0 applications and Single Page Applications (SPA). It also has vulnerability checks for popular frameworks.

The VulnSign vulnerability scanner is very easy to use and most of the pre-scan configuration can be automated. It is an all in one vulnerability management solution, with multi user support and integration capabilities. Though to test it all you need to do is specify the URL and credentials (to scan password protected websites), and launch a vulnerability scan.

Set the Scan Target

Detect easily vulnerabilities in your web applications and APIs before you push the release button.

This is the target URL of the website, including the path.

You can add a URL in the following formats:

Verify ownership of your scan domain/target

Full scans provide you with detailed information on your current vulnerability stance and how to improve your application security posture. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the scan target ownership first. You have multiple options to claim ownership of the scan target.
Just choose the one most fitting to you.

High-speed multi-threaded scanners easily retrieve thousands of pages

Along with controlling the concurrent activities count, these same sliders could also be used as a Concurrent Connection setting. This determined how many Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections would be kept open while conducting requests to the target website.

Advanced configuration options for the best scanning

Even though VulnSign is an online web application security service, it is also a fully configurable web application security scanner.

Detect vulnerabilities with Instant Scan Results

VulnSign starts generating reports instantly. So the scan doesn't have to be completed to generate a security report. Also shows you every step live as it scan your target;

Scheduling Scans in VulnSign

In VulnSign, you can schedule any scan. This includes both full and incremental scans, as well as group scans. You can schedule a scan from any start time, and have it repeated on a fixed or customized basis. All the same options – such as fixing the maximum scan duration and scan time window – are available with scheduled scans.